Saturday, August 4, 2007

New couch! And more!

Matt's mom Linda came to visit and she offered to get us a new couch as a housewarming gift. We looked at a few used furniture places, but ended up braving the crowds at our brand-new Ikea. There we found not only a fancy new couch, but also a chaise lounge.

There were a million people (this is only a slight exaggeration) at the Ikea. We had to park our Flexcar (a Scion this time) waaaaaay at the other end of the parking lot and hike down to the store. The Ikea is right on a Max stop (Cascades Station), and people were arriving by train, but they were a small percentage of the people arriving by car.

Once inside we found the couch area and began sitting. After much, "Nope," "Nope," "Too hard," "this one wasn't made for short people," this Ektorp sofa in Idemo dark blue was the winner. Here, Linda and Matt wait for the nice, but very busy sales woman to help us. I fell in love with this chaise lounge and we got that too! We ended up going with Bleking white for the cover, but I think we might be switching over to Toftaholm blue in the future. My clumsiness and white covers don't go together very well.

We've picked out our couch and our coverings, we've loaded the couch and cover onto a dolly, we've picked up the smaller chaise lounge and cover at the pick up area, Linda has paid, and now we are waiting for home delivery.
Delivery. Things are being assembled.
The lounge really wasn't this hard to assemble.
Matt and Linda relax on our new furniture. Our old furniture has been shoved behind the new, creating two circles of sitting arrangements. The white chase lounge makes me want to paint that wall behind it, but all in good time.
Thanks Linda!

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Sara K. said...

Looks fantastic! How fun to add a new look to the living room!

Matt, you make the best faces! I just about died laughing at the "mid-construction" picture!

We also venture out to IKEA...and it seems like no matter when we are there all of the DC Metro area decided to go there as well. I can't imagine what it is like on a opening month! YIKES! -S