Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pub Quiz

Inspired by the two "pub quizzes" that I attended at my church, I decided to throw a pub quiz of my own to celebrate 10 years in Portland.

Every pub should have good beer, and the people at New Seasons made sure I had a good variety.

The pub also served wine, both in glasses and solo cups.

There were four varieties of popcorn and both salted and unsalted peanuts.

People arrived, teams were formed and names were chosen.

The initial 20 questions (with 8 bonus questions) were read and the teams set to work.
Here the Trail Tigers (Drinda, Mary, George, Kelly & Margaret) ponder.

Total Domination (Blu, Heidi, Lee, Kristen & Julie) wonders what the answers could be.

The Droopy Dogs (Carol, Heidi, Joshin, Mitchell & C.J.) contemplate answers.
Behind them, you can barely see Home Team Advantage (Matt, Amber, Tyler & Geoff) thinking.

The Wasabi Honey Bears (Pat, Kevin, Deborah & Bahar) are deep in thought.

Team Slytherin (Sabrina, Burt, Kelly, Laurie, & Shan) retreated to another part of the house to think and answer.

After the initial round of quiz questions, teams set to work coloring, while I corrected their answer sheets. We had 10 song id's (5 from musicals, 5 more, one from each decade 50s through 90s) and a "dreaded fill in the blank."

In the end, Total Domination did just what their name said and took home first prize.

Prizes were the three listed, as well as the choice of bringing home all the excess alcohol.

It was a very fun celebration.
Incidentally, Total Domination chose the scratch tickets. They were quite involved in scratching them, but no one on the team actually took any home. I cashed them in and got $20.00! It was a prize for me too!

Do you want to take the pub quiz? Questions begin here.


Kelly A said...

It was eversomuchfun. I learned two important lessons:
1) The more confident your team name, the better.
2) The more creatively outside the lines your coloring, the better...

Sara K. said...

Woo hoo!!! What an awesome night. You know that I was jonesing to be there even before I saw these pictures. Now I really wish I was. What fun! You had a great turn out. So fun!!! Can't wait to do the quiz. Ft. Lauderdale calls... Here with mom for 48 hours... Will comment more when I get back to DC! Happy T-Day!

Sara K. said...

I see now that my mere 25 points would not have even gotten me on the board at the real pub quiz. But I do think I would have been an asset to a team!

Patricia said...

And, your enthusiasm would have buoyed your teammates.

(note that the word verification word is "hater." How rude)