Friday, December 7, 2012

Morphing layout of house

Every other month we host a game night at our house.  At our last one, I realized that we were scrunched around the table, while the whole living room went unused.  So for this game night we flip flopped the living room and the dining/game area, moving all the living room furniture to where the dining room table was and vice versa.
The living room furniture barely fit.  But we didn't need to sit on it, anyway.

It was good we did this because we had enough people attend that we had to break out the card table for a second gaming area.  Overall, I think this was  a big win and we will do it again for future game nights.

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Sara K. said...

Nice! Its kind of fun to see it flip-flopped. Especially since I recently spent time at both the table and in the living room!