Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Wedding

The hard work is done and now it's time to celebrate.  Bill and Mary start their celebration like the rest of us, waiting under a tent for the rain to stop.
It finally did and we wandered up to seat ourselves.
Pre-wedding self portrait.
Some last minute wiping of the chairs by E.
Sisters Karen and Ellen as bridesmaids.
The Brides!
Shoe shot.  Cindy got new converse for the big day.  They are her first pair of low-tops.
Post-wedding family photo.
College friends.
E's brothers, checking out the dance floor.  Once the dancing got going, they were dancin' fools.
Lovely sign.
Our gifts came in a personalized bag.
And included what I think is a homemade beer cozy.
Some homemade coasters from a tree in their yard.
And a delicious Ikea chocolate bar with a special wrapper.
The rain held off while we celebrated.
Our bartender and wedding officiant.
Bringing out the wedding cupcakes.
Yet another blurry picture.  It seems that the wedding cupcakes and I were not destined to cooperate with each other.
There was even a special wedding head-in-the-hole.  Matt wanted to be the bear.
We ate food that was delicious. I had two hot dogs and don't get me started on the sides.  When the sun went down, we started to dance. Here Matt captures a late night photo.
The brides, pre-first dance.
Did I mention that the drinks were great, and poured with a heavy hand?
First dance.
After the brides danced, we all danced for hours, through the rain and while watching the lightning.  It was a great wedding for dancing, and a great wedding overall. 


balyien said...

That looks like it was a really fun, awesome, wonderful wedding.

Sara K. said...

What a great wedding. They look so happy. Thank you for helping me to be there. PS-1 comment (here) before I get ready for the GRE!