Sunday, July 6, 2008

Matt's Party - the Awards Ceremony

Guess what else I found at SCRAP? Trophies! Medals! ... that had already had the names of other people inscribed on them...
Aren't they cute?
OK, one of the trophies wasn't exactly attached to the base and it needed a nut to keep it together. Furthermore, it was a baseball trophy with a bat missing. So, I told Ramon it was a Jedi trophy with the lightsaber not yet activated. (Ramon and I like Star Wars.)
As I went around, I made up superlatives, and I forgot them. This is CJ.
Jan. Someone had kept the figure part of the trophy and put it on a spool of thread and written "Who Who Who". It must have been an inside joke.
Here I ran out of trophies and started handing out medals. Some were from Hood to Coast. I bought them for a dime each. Julia and Elizabeth.
Bahar. If you look closely, you can see Burt scowling as he realizes that the contest for Best Knitting was rigged.
Sabrina. Some of the medals say 5th place and some say 1st. Patricia said she'd be mad if she did Hood to Coast and just got a stinking medal.

Patricia got the award for Most Focus on the Other Person in a photo of herself.
I gave myself the award for Most Genres and Most Work of Other People Utilized.

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Sara K. said...

What a perfect way to cap off the festivities! -S