Saturday, September 26, 2009

4T Trail

(This post could also be called "42 self-portraits and almost no scenery")

When the Tram was built, some enterprising fellow realized we could have a loop trail that involved three different kinds of transportation and some hiking. Thus it was made: the 4Ts trail. By hiking it, you get to experience the Train (Max) Trolley (Streetcar) Tram (OHSU's expensive way to get to work.) The fourth T is the trail that you hike to connect the other three.

You can see a map here:

I've hiked the 4Ts trail before when it was first proposed and my friend Cindy and her sister Ellen were visiting. At the time there wasn't a lot of signage, so we took a wrong turn and the Trail part got a bit more lengthy than it should have been. It was still fun. Now there is massive signage and Matt and I made the attempt.

We started by taking the Max to pick up the blue line. On our Yellow Line train, was a very loud cell phone talker whose constant annoying chatter about computers was so amusing to us that we eventually started recording him. Unfortunately, we didn't catch the good part of the diatribe. We switched for the Blue Line at Pioneer Place. There we encountered Mr. Statue, whom I call "Mr" because he used to have a sign that read In googling him, I have discovered that Mr. Statue isn't going to be around as much. Alas.
Aside from the bad news, this was a pretty exciting video because I'd not heard Mr. Statue talk before. I saw him once walking, which was a total thrill. He's not as tall when he isn't standing on his platform.

Mr. Statue does this juggling thing with those glass balls you see below and then also he just stands there. The fun part about watching Mr. Statue is what happens when an unsuspecting person puts money in the jar.
If he's in statue mode, he will stick out his hand for you to shake. If you are expecting this, it's just fun to shake his hand. If you are not, it can be a bit startling. If you are a child, there can be a jump and a yelp involved. This is followed by giggles from other passers-bye.
Matt got some actual paint on his hand.

Here's what happens when you are attempting self portrait on the train and have not properly anchored yourself.

And here's what happens when you do.

There are chess boards built into this statuary and during normal hours, every board is full.

Our first 4Ts trail sign.

I'm not sure why Matt has the angry face here.

Here you can see the clever 4T logo.

Having completed the "Train" section, Matt suggestively points out the "Trail" portion.

After a mile hike, we've almost made it to Council Crest.

And here are the radio towers on top of Council Crest. We're at 1,071 feet!

More attempts at self-portraiture.

Patricia reminds Matt of the picnic he once planned for Council Crest Park.

We discover more signage and learn the sad fact that we should have started with the Tram portion. By the time we arrive, the Tram will have finished running for the day. Had we read the sign back at the train, we would have known that. Alas, switched trains a few stops earlier to see Mr and didn't read the sign. Oh well.

Here is the point we would have gotten on the Tram. Instead, we wait for a bus.

We are sad.

So very, very sad.

But then we take the bus to the trolley (streetcar) and go to The Old Spaghetti Factory and all is right with the world again.

Thus, with too much sourdough bread, ends our 4Ts tour.


Digging potatoes is a delightful experience for tactile me. I had great fun plunging my hands into the dirt and feeling around until I grabbed a potato. I would pull it triumphantly from the ground and examine it. It reminded me of the famous scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, except I'm not holding up a beating heart.

The very clay-y soil in the yard meant that I also pulled up a lot of potato shaped dirt clods.

I harvested about 20 pounds.

Sad and neglected green beans.

I think the green beans were planted late this year, and by the time they were producing, I was in full-swing "school is staring! school is starting!" mode. They grew like mad on the bamboo poles I set them to grow on, and they produced quite well. I just forgot to pick them before they got all bean-y. Alas. I tried to convince myself I enjoyed over ripe pole beans, but I really do not. Better luck next year.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Waiting for our branch LIBRARY!

See this here building? Come winter, it will be our new branch library. It's very close to our house--say six blocks or so--and I can't wait. I will be sad to not have the Central Library as "my" branch library, but it will be so wonderful to have a library so close to our home.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Matt's wrist warmers, delivered.

For his birthday in June, I gave him yarn.

"It's, it's....yarn?"

"But it will eventually be wrist warmers." I said.

And one two week vacation later it was.

Pear Butter

How much pear butter does 73 pears make? About four cups. How long does it take the boyfriend to eat said pear butter? About 2 days. Did he enjoy it? I believe so.