Sunday, June 29, 2008

Matt's Party - Fingerpainting

This'll be a short post. At my No Pressure Art Party:
Here's Laurie fingerpainting. At SCRAP, they had works of art already complete, and I figured, "Well, hey, if they threw them out, then we can just paint over them!" So, Laurie fingerpainted over someone's already existing art.
And Voila! A baby who is apparently in need of oxygen. (Because he's blue...)
Laurie shows off her reinterpretation of a classic.
I forget who made this. Maybe Nicole?
Elizabeth made this. It took several days to dry completely.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Matt's Party - Claydough

Did I mention I made Clay-dough?
Here's Laurie posing with her flower. Burt was impressed and Laurie said, "You're surprised that I have talent?" I came in and saved him: "He's just impressed what you were able to make considering the limitations of the medium." (You owe me one.) ;)
Jan did the flowers, the sun, and the pot, I think. Joe did the small flat things.
Yep, Joe did these small flat things.
Hafidha made a sculpture of her husband Michael.
And Michael did all these. Notice the Mobius strip on the right.
Patricia shows off her creation.
Here's Michael sculpting his geometric creations.
Jan, hard at work.
Whoo. Burt and Laurie each have talent for sculpture. Burt actually put his initials on his piece on the left. Notice the petals on Laurie's.
Burt wears his sculpture as a badge.

Matt's party - watercolor

Here's the watercolor table.
Here's Ramon looking devious at the watercolor table.
I think this is Nicole's.
I think this is Ramon's.
I think this is Ramon's, too.
CJ looked to me like she was having trouble finding her muse, so I went in my room and got a present that my Secret Santa had given me. With a little cajoling, I got CJ to paint the truck before assembling it.
So here we are assembling it. CJ decided that using the directions would be too easy, so she wanted to assemble the truck using only the completed picture on the front. I said, "You can't put it together without the instructions." She said, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" loud enough for the whole room to hear it and respond, "Ooh..." Knowing I was beaten, I acquiesced.
Soon it became apparent to me that the pieces were flawed and that we would need to use the instructions. CJ said that then it wouldn't be a puzzle.

So, we tried to assemble it, but then I figured out it was backwards. CJ seemed to think that was OK, but I had given up hope. I got distracted and wandered off to something else and CJ stuck with it...
...and finished it. She even fit in the pieces that wouldn't fit. Looks nice, huh?
So the moral of the story is that CJ is smarter than I am.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Matt's Party - the food

Patricia made a lot of the food although Matt made some.
Patricia made the popcorn with lots of butter.
Patricia picked the strawberries by hand and had a sore back to show for it. The cubes are Matt's specialty recipe. Spicy Honey Orange Tempeh with dipping sauce, originally from
Patricia made these, and the pita chip instructions can be found on this blog.
The black bean dip on the left is homemade
Clay-dough is not really food, unless one is really hungry, but Matt prepared it as if it were food. This is my cake, made by a woman who donated it to the church auction. There are edible pix of collage on the cake and the tassel is correctly hung to the left to symbolize one who has already achieved one's Bachelors. I'm off sugar, but I had a taste of the cake and I broke my new habit because it was so amazing. Raspberry praline chocolate. Mmmm.
More to come.

Catching up.

The great catch up continues. For those of you without a reader--I don't use one--there are seven new posts in April and a new graduation post in June.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Matt's Party - SCRAP

For a good time, go to SCRAP.
They provide scrap materials which can be used for parties such as mine.
I went in there, willing to blow $50 for a really wild time. I got 3 grocery bags worth of stuff and it all came to $13.65!!!!
So, here is the assemblage table, where people made collages. You can see the greeting cards, thin paper, metal tubes, cloth, and then we provided glue and scissors. Here is the fingerpaint table. Look very closely and you can see that there is some artwork that has already been completed. SCRAP provided art already done by other people more talented than me! See the soft landscape there in the blue frame? Remember it for later...
Also, I found stamps, one of which said "Merry Christmas! To: From:" and another that said "Caitlin". Then there was stuff from SCRAP that just looked funny. Like this.

And this...
And this...
I think Laurie colored this. She read that mentalists can taste and touch from far away. And then there was this. I have no idea what it is. It is not a pen. It's just a pointed piece of wood on the other end. Most everyone was disturbed by it, including the person who sold it to me. It said Thailand on it.
More pix to come.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Matt's party - the giant cookie

I decided to have a No Pressure Art Party for my combination birthday and graduation party. People would come over and use non-traditional art forms.
My favorite art-form is cookie decoration. In the past I have made a cookie mural for the Global War on Terror, a crack house, and a dragon.
So, I got a giant cookie from Mrs. Fields.
I decided right before the party that I wouldn't hog the cookie, so when Nicole came over, she got right down to it.

Nicole drew me as an embryo with glasses. Apparently, I was destined for poor eyesight. Then JoJo added an origami bird.

Then Nicole decided to eat what was left of the frosting.
More party pix to come.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The clothesline is up! The clothesline is up!

Long ago, when we first moved into this house, my Aunt Pat gave us a housewarming gift of a clothesline. I was especially excited to install it so I could 1) save a lot of energy by drying my clothes out of doors for free. 2) sleep in sheets that were dried outside. There is nothing better.

However, in order to install my clothesline I had to dig a hole and put 3 inches of gravel in, and mix and pour concrete, and make sure this plastic sleeve was level and then take a dowel or a stick and make a hole in the wet concrete and it was a lot of things I never have done.

So it took me a year and a few months to work up to doing all those things. Luckily, the bat box required hole digging and concrete mixing and pouring too. So I could kill two projects at once. And digging the hole and mixing and pouring the concrete turned out to be easy. Before you could say "Jack Whillakers" I was done.
That blue lid with the rock on it was covering the hole for the clothesline. I dug both holes one week, then came back the next week to finish the project. When I uncovered the hole to put the concrete in, there were slugs making their way around the edge of the hole! Ugh.

What I like about this clothesline is the plastic sleeve I set in the concrete is permanent, but the clothesline itself can be picked up and stored elsewhere. I think this is a fabulous idea. As much as I like clotheslines, it's nice to not have to see one all the time. Also, by not leaving it out in the rain it doesn't get dirty as quickly.

I triumphantly hung my first loads of laundry and came back a few hours later to find this:
But after that setback, things have been going well. I especially like I can do three loads of laundry, put them all on the line and come back a few hours later to bring them in. No waiting for the dryer to be finished for me.