Monday, July 20, 2015

The list has been completed.

Back on May 21, 2007, I posted a list of project priorities.  This was so long ago, it appears on the stub of a blog that was the precursor to this one.  At the time, we had owned our house for a little over a month.

[Here we pause while I read back over other posts like this one, about our previous apartment.]

For the new house, I typed up the list of prioritized projects and taped it to the wall and began chipping away at them.

I'm here to report that with the removal of the white dresser, and the instillation of the Billy bookcases, the list has been completed!  It only took 8 years.

Things have changed since I made up the list.  We no longer have a bedroom and an office, for instance, as each of us has our own bedrooms. In the pantry area the first priority (scoring 100%) was the black shelf that I eventually decided I didn't like very much and it went out on the curb.  Some projects never came to fruition, like "shelves, great room, stairwell."  At one time I thought I would put floating shelves there, but the space is occupied by mirrors.

But there was a lot of work that went into completing that list and it feels good to have it done.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kantor-O'Neil Wedding

The Kantor-O'Neil partnership has been going strong for 27 years.  But now that they can be legally married, they decided to make it official. (Again.  They married in 2004, during the brief period when gay marriage was legal in Multnomah County. Those marriages were voided, paperwork-wise.) 

It was a very hot day, so we hung out in the reception space before going out to the dock where the wedding was.  This gave me the opportunity of taking some establishing shots.

The cupcake cakes.

Beautiful lanterns in the wedding colors.
(Which were not, despite my suggestion, Blush and Bashful)

On the dock where the ceremony was performed, all seats had fans.  This proved to be a very good thing as it was over 90 degrees.

The cantors (they had two) prep the wine glasses and the couple's children are holding the chuppah.  (The back of the chuppa was held by a niece and nephew of the bride and bride.)

The brides approach the chuppah.

I enjoy taking shoe shots at weddings.

I was impressed that the photogrpaher managed to get her name on both her front half (via a name tag) and her back half (on the bag.)

One of the couple's daughters.  She's got a mosquito bite from the party the night before. I had a massive mosquito bite, bigger than a fried egg, from that same party.

Detail shot of the couple's other daughter.


After being wrapped in the shawl.

Breaking the glass.

Inside and cooled off, we ate dinner and had cake and toasts.  Then it was time for dancing.

Friday, July 10, 2015

PAE at Lone Fir: Macbeth

Here's what I love about Lone Fir.  You've got a lot of people buried at the end of the nineteenth century.  But there are pockets of gravestones that have just been interred in the last decade or so.

We saw  Portland Actor's Ensemble's Hamlet at Lone Fir a few years ago.  It was a very good production and fun to return to the cemetery for this production.

Actors setting up their changing room.

I adored my dinner from Peacock Picnics.  Onion Bourbon spread, Salmon Dill spread, a half baguette and a very nice presentation all for $10.00.  Happily, you get to return the presentation part.

Some early plotting.

I'm not sure why this lady was attending this production as she was busy reading the comics while it was going on.

Taking advantage of a monument for seating.

Comic-reading lady shared a blanket with this disinterested couple.  All three left at intermission.

Macbeth and a nice shot of a gravestone.

I liked the wine glass holder.

Professional photographer.

I loved this green hat.

The actress playing Lady Macbeth (Cecily Overman) probably wouldn't be thrilled by this photo, but I love it.

The witches.
Overall, a very good production in an excellent setting.