Monday, July 20, 2015

The list has been completed.

Back on May 21, 2007, I posted a list of project priorities.  This was so long ago, it appears on the stub of a blog that was the precursor to this one.  At the time, we had owned our house for a little over a month.

[Here we pause while I read back over other posts like this one, about our previous apartment.]

For the new house, I typed up the list of prioritized projects and taped it to the wall and began chipping away at them.

I'm here to report that with the removal of the white dresser, and the instillation of the Billy bookcases, the list has been completed!  It only took 8 years.

Things have changed since I made up the list.  We no longer have a bedroom and an office, for instance, as each of us has our own bedrooms. In the pantry area the first priority (scoring 100%) was the black shelf that I eventually decided I didn't like very much and it went out on the curb.  Some projects never came to fruition, like "shelves, great room, stairwell."  At one time I thought I would put floating shelves there, but the space is occupied by mirrors.

But there was a lot of work that went into completing that list and it feels good to have it done.


balyien said...

It may have taken 8 years, but that's a pretty long list, so it's no surprise. Good job! Are you going to make a new list?

Patricia said...

Maybe. In that "perhaps not" way. :-)

Sara K. said...

Hi friend! It is your errant reader and erstwhile blogger. I am happy you have done such great work to check off and/or change things on this list! Ah the power of lists!