Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elk Lake: on the way and arrival.

We're headed to Elk Lake, one of the Cascade Lakes, which are located outside of Bend.  On our way, we saw a lot of the drought.  This is Detroit Lake, or, I guess, "Lake". It's a reservoir that has been drained down to nothing.  The stumps from the trees they removed before they flooded the lake, could be seen easily.  They are usually far under water.

Another view of the "Lake" which had me wondering how our lake was going to fare.

Thanks to the fact that I had AM & PM switched on my camera, we've now moved on to the next day.  And here's the obligatory picture of Matt sleeping.

Here's our campsite.  It was more primitive than the usual State Park camping we do.  The toilets were pit toilets and if you wanted a shower it cost $5.00.  This is because Elk Lake is on the Pacific Crest Trail and gets a lot of thru-hikers. 

A place to tie up your horses.

A vehicle for use during the snowy season.

First view of the lake.

It was low, you can see those sailboats are beached.  But it was still a lake, so that was nice.

Back at the tent, Matt is still sleeping.


balyien said...

Whoa, that snow vehicle is pretty intense. I'm glad your lake had water in it, but it's pretty sad to see the effects of the drought, isn't it? That's what California is like, except without any water at all. It was so refreshing to spend the weekend in Chicago, where stuff was green and they could actually run their fountains.

Sara K. said...

How lovely! I have not been camping in so long. I'm not sure that I'm cut out for it anymore.