Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day at the beach.

"We're going to the beach for the day.  Where should we go?" I posted this query on Facebook and Kelly said we should do the hike at Cascade Head.  And so that's how we started our day.

A picture of our map so we could refer to it during our hike, if necessary.

View at the trailhead.

We found this Bearing Tree, which was kind of cool.

From the trail.

Our view from the lower stopping point. 

Self-portrait at the upper stopping point.  This was a hearty and fun hike.  Good suggestion, Kelly!

For part of the way down it looked like I could fall and roll all the way down to the ocean.

On the way to our next beach adventure, we stopped for some food.  I had oyster stew and a beet/kale salad and they were both superb.  Too bad I can't remember where we stopped.

Another suggestion, this one by Angele, was Short Sands Beach, which is located in Oswald West State Park and required a short, easy hike in from the parking lot.  Here's our obligatory feet-in-the-sea photo.

And a couple of self-portraits.

We looked in a few tide pools.

This is a very big surfing beach.

View from the rock on which we perched to take a short nap.

What a great beach.  We shall return someday.
We then opted to drive home instead of continuing on to Seaside.  The drive was eventful. We were re-routed off of Highway 26 to detour around a fire at Manning.  Thankfully, the windy road was easily traversed and kicked us back on to 26 right before a Dairy Queen so we could have a snack before continuing home.

Hooray for a day at the beach!


balyien said...

Good suggestions by your friends! That hike looks like it was a great one, and your beach shots are beautiful. Also, your lunch looks super yum. What's a bearing tree? I actually made the picture bigger to see if the smaller type was an explanation but sadly it was not. :(

Sara K. said...

Oh what a delight. I love the coast! That tide pool shot is so cool. And your selfie game is on point these days!

Patricia said...

Bearing Tree. It's put up by the Bureau of Land Management, so I assume it's something to do with mapping and surveying. I wonder if they are not necessary now that we have GPS?