Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kenton Street Fair

Matt points to the sign pointing the way to the Kenton Street Fair. But first! Some library books to return.

There were Irish Dancers.

And one of my favorite things: looking for hidden treasure in the hay bale.

Matt poses with a goat (who is much less enthused than Matt)

A New Orleans Style band marches down the street.

My favorite of the t-shirts.
In front of Mackin Auto Body were the cars. Having just watched a lot of Fast & Furious movies, we enjoyed looking at the hydraulics on these cars, as well as the fancy detailing.

The owners were all chatting amongst themselves.

We sat in the Milgard Window store and listened to a singer.

It's a head-in-a-hole picture opportunity!

We look good as Paul Bunyan.

Many people were dressed as Paul Bunyan.
I pose next to some fancy cars. As I was posing next to the MG, a guy said to his girlfriend, "yep, it's a cute car, but they break down all the time." The T-bird was my dream car as a teenager, thanks to the movie American Graffiti.

Next to every car was the car owner, sitting in a chair, perhaps chatting with the car owner next to him.
We also enjoyed the Yarn Car.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Today, Matt and I were tracked by a governmental agency. You can see how we felt about it.

We participated in the Oregon Travel and Activity Survey, which involved recording our travel throughout the day. We had to record what time we left the house, where we went (including addresses) what we did there and when we left. It was fun, though rather labor intensive. We both thought that even though it was a pain, it would have been fun to do it for an entire week.

We sent off our booklets and will receive a $25.00 gift card for our participation. It turns out we were one of 17,000 households randomly selected to represent 1,500,000 Oregon Households! I'm glad I represented with the bike and the walking today.