Friday, January 23, 2015

Upstairs Lounge at the Hollywood Theater

Self portrait. After Birdman.

The Hollywood did a renovation not long ago and they really did it right.  Look at this great lounge space for hanging out before or after the movie.  Really, the Hollywood should be my go-to movie theater. It's prices are great, it's on the #75 bus line and they do awesome things for the community.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

DVSD Fundrasier with Jilt at the Doug Fir

Matt works for Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue and they put on a fundraiser.  So we went and had a great time.  The location?  The Doug Fir Lounge, which is a very fun concert space and restaurant attached to the Jupiter Hotel.

Fancy lighted cube with bowl full of chocolate.

The bar in the concert space.

Matt and the stage.


Jilt played and they were great.  They played covers of great 70's/80s rock bands like Journey, Toto, Foreigner, STYX, Kansas, Boston, etc.  Also some Michael Jackson and Maroon 5.

The sound booth features sunglasses left behind.

Jilt's keyboardist.

Jilt took a break and we heard from Carrie, founder of DVSD, and Crystal, one of the participants, about how victim-impact panels help both domestic violence offenders and the women who speak at them.

And then back to the show!  For a cover of Hendrix's "Let me stand next to your fire" the guitarist even played behind his head.

The stand for the iPad and water bottles amused me, but I guess when there are that many songs to sing, it's handy to have lyrics available.

The drummer also sang backing vocals.

This lonely lady just wanted to watch.

There was a ton of dancing.

And some chatting at the bar.

This rather inebriated couple was very excited about the music.  They didn't really understand the cause.

The official photographer taking a break.

Some excellent harmony

And a self-portrait while the keyboardist and singer are otherwise occupied.

Jilt's website says they bring their own sound equipment and light show.  There were lights!  And sound!

I didn't notice the poster until we were on our way out.
Overall, it was a great night and a good fundraiser.

Friday, January 2, 2015

And then there were none! Curtains: the finale

The shade was in a not-done state for many days because I needed to purchase the correct screws that actually wanted to go into the door, instead of weakly grasping at the edges of the hole.  Then, even after I obtained said screws, I put off doing this project.  But today is the day for finishing.  So the shade has been properly reinstalled.

Here you can see the newly installed shade cord, and the leather ties.  I used a button from an old, adored jacket as a stopper.

The shade in its raised position.

Oh yes, I installed a cleat too.  That also took no time at all.

Antares watched the whole operation carefully.

Sentinel just slept.

Before I could hang the curtains, I needed to patch the holes from where I installed the curtain rod incorrectly.  I purchased some cool stuff that sprays texture on your walls.  Here I test it on a different part of the wall where the texture rubbed away.  It was trickier than I thought it would be.  I needed the "fine" setting (not medium as I guessed from the picture) and it didn't really go on in the way I thought it would.  There were a couple of re-dos.

Here it is covering the holes.  I waited for it to dry and then painted over it.

And then I could finally install the curtains.

And they are a little short.  They don't quite cover the entire window when closed.  Which is why one should just make one's own curtains.  I'll probably get a roller shade.  I love roller shades.  But I will leave the curtains up.

Here they are in the open position.

I used this book a lot when eliminating all the blinds from the house.  It has a variety of window treatments you can utilize, the instructions are clear and I think I bought this for about $2.00.
Seven and a half years after we started, we can now consider the project of replacing all blinds complete.  Hooray!