Sunday, January 18, 2015

DVSD Fundrasier with Jilt at the Doug Fir

Matt works for Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue and they put on a fundraiser.  So we went and had a great time.  The location?  The Doug Fir Lounge, which is a very fun concert space and restaurant attached to the Jupiter Hotel.

Fancy lighted cube with bowl full of chocolate.

The bar in the concert space.

Matt and the stage.


Jilt played and they were great.  They played covers of great 70's/80s rock bands like Journey, Toto, Foreigner, STYX, Kansas, Boston, etc.  Also some Michael Jackson and Maroon 5.

The sound booth features sunglasses left behind.

Jilt's keyboardist.

Jilt took a break and we heard from Carrie, founder of DVSD, and Crystal, one of the participants, about how victim-impact panels help both domestic violence offenders and the women who speak at them.

And then back to the show!  For a cover of Hendrix's "Let me stand next to your fire" the guitarist even played behind his head.

The stand for the iPad and water bottles amused me, but I guess when there are that many songs to sing, it's handy to have lyrics available.

The drummer also sang backing vocals.

This lonely lady just wanted to watch.

There was a ton of dancing.

And some chatting at the bar.

This rather inebriated couple was very excited about the music.  They didn't really understand the cause.

The official photographer taking a break.

Some excellent harmony

And a self-portrait while the keyboardist and singer are otherwise occupied.

Jilt's website says they bring their own sound equipment and light show.  There were lights!  And sound!

I didn't notice the poster until we were on our way out.
Overall, it was a great night and a good fundraiser.


balyien said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I love the Doug Fir. I went to a concert there once, back in the day. I also seem to recall that the food in their restaurant is pretty dang good.

I'm amused that, amidst all the "oldies" they played, the band through in some Maroon 5. That's kind of random. Did the singer have a similar voice to Adam Levine?

Patricia said...

I don't know if I would know Adam Levine's voice if I heard it. So your question goes unanswered.

He did a crazy good Steve Perry and his Michael Jackson was not that good.

Sara K. said...

Looks like it was a wonderful evening. Hopefully a lot of funds were raised.

Sara K. said...

Hi, BTW, I just finished my first 'to be published' review of a book. I have sent ti to the editor and then that pain will come. I know its a process. And the review will be published only online. But still! The CV is looking forward to a new credit.

Sara K. said...

Oh yeah. It has to be in British English! It was a fun realisation of how to set my word doc to that spelling norm!