Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cat report

Someone gave us a pomegranate in a pot and I put it on the back porch to see if it would live.  One day when I had the catio up, I watered it and Sentinel ran--actually lept off the bed and ran--to drink the water out of the dirty lid that is catching the excess water.  Because I want him to drink more water, I tried filling a baking dish with water and putting in it one of the pots I keep potting soil in.  He was not at all fooled and didn't drink any of this water.

Antares still loves his heated mat.  Even in the middle of the summer.


balyien said...

Not exactly relevant, but I read recently that cats don't like to have their water next to their food. We have these things called "Neater Feeder"s for our animals, and Miri would never drink the water in hers and was always stealing it from the dog's water dish. We had an old water dish of hers so we started putting her food in that and now use both dishes in her Neater Feeder for water. Problem solved! She no longer drinks the dog's water. Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

I forgot all about the kitty heating pad! I should get one for Miri.

Sara K. said...

Archie barely leaves his. No more bedtime snuggling - just the heated mat!

And nice try at the cat trickery!