Saturday, February 12, 2011

20 Erotic Shorts

Matt and I took ourselves to some local theater for Valentine's Day. We attended The Working Theatre Collective's presentation of 20 Erotic Shorts, which was directed by Eva Suter.
The Erotic Shorts were short stories, some erotic, but most romantic or flirty, written by different authors and acted by four actresses. Many were very funny. Our favorite came in four acts and was called: "four extremely attractive women lounging around a pool, fantasizing about rich orloff: the swimsuit edition by rich orloff." As you might imagine, it was written by Rich Orloff and was as over-the-top melodramatic as the title suggests.

Overall, it was a great night at local theater.

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Sara K. said...

That sounds like a perfect outing for Me Day! And so fun to support community theater!