Friday, March 30, 2012

New Games!

Our friend Joshin gave us a gift certificate to Bridgetown Games and here is what we spent it on:
Save Doctor Lucky is a game where you follow Doctor Lucky around the Titanic trying to save him before it goes down.  It's family friendly and about 30 minutes long.

10 Days in the USA we bought because the box said it takes 5 minutes to explain.  This is true, and despite the game's simplicity, it is still quite fun to play and involves shifting strategies.  You've got 10 days to craft a trip in the USA.  Collect the right combination of tiles to win.  For those of you who want to work on your world geography, there is also 10 days in:  Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. In fact, I've just discovered that if you have four different versions of the game you can play 20 Days Around the World.  Sounds fun.

The Hunger Games Jabber Jay Game (or, as I like to call it: "The Hunger Games Game") was a cheap movie tie-in I could not resist.  It has a two-player version and an up-to-12 player version.  I've heard the "more than seven" version is very fun, but I'm guessing I won't be playing that version any time soon.

Thanks Joshin for increasing our game shelf.


Shawn Shafer said...

I got Save Doctor Lucky a few years ago but haven't played it yet. Let us know how you like it.

On the topic of board games, you should look at a show Wil Wheaton does on Geek and Sundry, where he plays games with friends. It's introduced me to quite a number of fun looking games I will be thinking about.


Matt said...

One step ahead of you, Shawn. Once the Geek Fund replenishes itself, I hope to buy Tsuro. Otherwise, we also have Ticket to Ride, Settlers, and Munchkin. (Tsuro has a new version on Kickstarter; Ticket to Ride is more fun with the Germany version; Settlers of Catan is more fun with the Cities and Knights expansion; I actually gave Munchkin away because no I knew liked it; we haven't played Dr. Lucky all that much, but I've got a lot of play out of 10 Days in the USA.)

Matt said...


Shawn Shafer said...

Glad to hear it. Next time we're in Portland, we will have to sit down for an afternoon of games.

Sara K. said...

Agreed! I'm in and we will actually be there this Christmas. We are going to the Coast to Christmas with the Shafer clan. Of course we will be flying in to PDX!!! We can start planning the deets, soon!

Matt said...

That'd be great!