Monday, May 21, 2012

Mirrors hung

Of late, the amount of "things" on the walls in the house has been irritating me.  It seems too cluttered.  Also, our living room is dark and so we could use some more light reflected. How about a mirror?  My friend Stephanie North gave me a big mirror and I had some little ones from Ikea.  I also had the day off from work.  Here we go!

Before photo.  The artwork is from our Art Party.   If you have a lot of blank walls and need to fill them, throw an art party.  Most people will want to leave their art with you when they are done.
Sentinel was a good helper as I cut out the pattern to ensure the big mirror was a the proper height.
Here is my design plan.  I felt very proud of myself for making patterns so I could get everything just right.
Squeak was visiting and he was a good helper too.
I drew a lot of lines in pencil and drilled a lot of holes.  The lines had to be erased and the holes made dust and there was a goodly amount of sweeping at the end.
The finished product.  I put everything back together and groaned because, despite my patterns to check placement and height, the whole thing is much too high.

I could take everything down and lower the design by 3 feet, but that would involve Spackle and a repaint of the wall.  So instead, I'm looking for two more long, rectangular mirrors to go under the big mirror.


Sara K. said...

Despite the fact that is is a little high I can see that it is already accomplishing your goal and bringing a lot of light and brightness to the room. Can't wait to see the final project with the added lower mirrors.

Patricia said...

You may have to wait five years, but it will get done.