Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pretzel Dogs.

One of the things I will miss about the newspaper when it goes to four days per week is the food/cooking section.  I'm sure it will exist in some form, but I'm guessing it will be a much reduced form, and it has already been much reduced.  I get a lot of recipes from the Oregonian, some of which have become classics.

At any rate, the Food Day section of the Oregonian will regularly publish some complex cooking task that they market as, "wouldn't this be fun?"  Recently, it was a feature on making your own pretzels.  My favorite part about these features is that mostly they are fun, if you enjoy cooking, but they can be rather complex.  Take the Pretzel Dog recipe.

The dough must be made a day early and stored in the refrigerator.  Also, it is important to bake some baking soda in the oven a day ahead.  So there is some planning involved.

But if you have a big event coming up, sometimes a Pretzel Dog is what is called for.

They were delicious!


Sara K. said...

How fun!!! And they look yummy, too!

balyien said...

Those look great!

Have you considered trying out Pinterest? I guess they're big on recipes there.

Patricia said...

I'm currently stubbornly not doing Pinterest. I have enough trouble fitting in the blogging and the facebooking. But good tip.