Saturday, March 29, 2014

NWCTC: King Lear

Ted Roisum was our Lear, while company regulars Melissa Whitney, Brenan Dwyer & Clara-Liis Hillier held down the roles of the daughters.  It was a grand production, overall.


balyien said...

I've never seen nor read King Lear. Is that the one where he offers a kingdom for a horse? Anyway, I don't know if that first picture is a crest or not, but I really like it.

Patricia said...

Having just seen Richard III, I can tell you Richard III is the guy who wanted the horse. King Lear is the guy who makes his daughters say how much they love him, then divides up his kingdom accordingly. Then he gets all whiny for the rest of the play and a bunch of people end up dead. King Lear is not my favorite guy.