Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kennedy School! McMenamins Passport Reward!

While Matt's mom was visiting we took our McMenamins Passports to the Kennedy School and got all our stamps.  I discovered two bars I had never been in! And which I will certainly return to when the Courtyard Restaurant is full of families.  I loved our prizes of a bag and a journal/pencil/playing card set.


balyien said...

Those are all really neat, useful prizes. I think Kennedy School is the main PDX McMenamins I've been to the least. Back in the day, it wasn't easy to get to via bus. I wonder if that's changed. I didn't even know it had more than one restaurant/bar.

Sara K. said...

I love that bag. Such a fun version of the logo. Very useful.

Patricia said...

You can indeed take the #72 bus to the Kennedy School. But the #72 is one that runs an odd (at least to me) route, so for me I have to take the Yellow Line and then the #72. It's probably faster to ride my bike. Although mostly I get there by driving.