Saturday, October 4, 2008

Greek Festival

Recently, we attended the Polish Festival which involved food, a bit of polka and me forgetting to take the camera. Having gotten in touch with Matt's roots, this week we got in touch with mine by attending the Greek Festival. It involved food and a bit of "sorry, pardon me, excuse me, pardon me..."

Matt decided to purchase the whole Greek dinner. This involved waiting in a long line for a table. It was a fun line, and Jeff Merkley, who is trying to unseat Senator Gordon Smith, walked by. We didn't do anything more than say, "Hey, was that just Jeff Merkley?" and he wasn't working our line, so we didn't talk to him, but it was the highlight of that line. We eventually arrived in the gymnasium/auditorium/tables (which reminded me a lot of the multipurpose room at McKinley in Boise where I ate lunch every day for six years. It was only missing the tables and benches that store in the wall. ) Here we were seated next to other people.
Matt did not wait to eat his dessert, but started with it. As my dad always says, "You should start with dessert in case there is a fire during dinner." Matt was happy to follow that advice.
There was a salad course and the gentleman next to me "didn't eat salad" (!) so I got his. It had a nice hunk of feta cheese in it, so I was a happy girl. Then dinner arrived for Matt and he was a happy boy.
I neglected to take a picture before he started eating, but here's a close up of the meal halfway finished.
After Matt finished his dinner we "Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, I'm so sorry" our way back to the main food area where I got some spanokopita. Then, a bit claustrophobic, we pardoned our way out of the festival. I bought three raffle tickets along the way, as I love a good raffle, but I didn't win. Although winning isn't the point, if you ask me.
Having honored both of our heritages, we returned to life as usual.

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Sara K. said...

My mouth is watering with all of these great posts about food! So yummy. I love Greek food! Opa! :) I like getting flaming cheese when we go to a local restaurant! Bust festivals at Greek churches and such are so much more fun! -S