Saturday, October 25, 2008

Patricia's Birthday Celebration.

If it were possible to make my birthday a week long festival I would. As it was, I managed to stretch it to four days. My actual birthday is on Sunday this year, but the celebration started on Thursday night when Matt and I watched an episode of The Office, Season 4. Friday there was a small celebration at school and more episodes of the office. On Saturday I went to see Portland Center Stage's production of Guys and Dolls with my Mom and my Aunt Pat. Aunt Carol was sick, so she missed a very good performance. After that we all retired to my mom's house for a delicious dinner.

Here you see the mashed potatoes and biscuits my brother made along with my favorite chicken dish that my mother made and a delicious broccoli that my Aunt Pat made. It was very, very good. I love it when other people make me dinner.
While our food was digesting, I opened my presents. First off, my Aunt Pat returned some tupperware I left at her house. I warmed up for posing with my presents using the tupperware.
Matt takes a self portrait.
We've had a warm and dry beginning of autumn, and my Aunt Pat still had raspberries!
This present was from my mom. All the pictures of the unwrapped present feature me with a double chin, so you will have to trust me when I say it was a lovely white bowl with blue stripes.
And the ribbon made a handy hair ribbon.
My brother expertly wrapped my present in an REI mailing. I had done the same thing just days earlier!
He got me a variety of drill bits which would come in handy for the birthday weekend project.
The MAunts went in on one big present for me. My Aunt Carol wrapped it. Notice the coordinating bow.
Yipee! It's a convection toaster oven!
Esmeralda watches the festivities, annoyed that her regular routine is being interrupted, but will acquiesce to letting someone pet her.
Next came a game of Zombie Fluxx. It's a fun game because the rules change all the time.
Matt explains a rule.
My Aunt places candles on the cake she made me. I wanted 34 candles and a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I got all of the above.
With 34 candles you need more than one person lighting.
Once again my large lung capacity comes in handy as I easily blow out the candles in one huge breath. The big bad wolf has nothing on me!
An inner view of the Martha Washington cake.
What a good birthday! But the celebration continues....


MJS said...

It was a good birthday, wasn't it. However, I still have wax on my dining room table thanks to your great lung capacity. MOM

Sara K. said...

Aww Mom, you had to bring that up! -S

Sara K. said...

What a great birthday celebration. Sorry my gift wasn't there in time for the fest! -S