Saturday, October 9, 2010

All about Fruit Show

Pictures from the All about Fruit Show, where I ordered my 12 apple trees.

This huge series of tables are all different varieties of apples arranged from A to Z. One of the things about the All about Fruit Show I had forgotten from last year is that it was very difficult for me to actually get someone to cut an apple slice for me. Last year I had a list of a lot of apples to taste and could I get someone to follow me down the alphabet while I tasted? No. Other people had volunteers that stuck with them the whole way, but I would politely ask and they would cut me a slice and wander off to a dithering couple who wanted to taste the Gala and the Macintosh for god's sake. What gives? It was the same deal this year. I would stand in front of my apple and wait. And wait. And wait. I think next year I will volunteer to give slices to people. Maybe they just need more volunteers.

I had three apples I needed to taste and was happy to see Lubsk Queen.

Here I am with my spreadsheet of apples. While I was waiting to taste my last three apples, three people asked me where I got my list. I told them that I had come with a list last year and narrowed down to this. "Oh" they would say in a disappointed tone and walk off. But it gave me the idea that perhaps a few members of the Home Orchard Society could make a list of their favorites. I think the vast quantity of choices is overwhelming.

Filling out the order form for my trees. The volunteer there steered me toward M9 rootstock.

I love that the Home Orchard Society is about saving people money. Here you can make your own Insecticidal Soap with a Fels-Naptha bar. Which you have in your home, right? Because it really is the best stain remover under the sun.

There are also directions to make an Earwig Condo so the earwigs can eat your aphids.

Here on the pear tables is an article about the Luelling Pears, a listing of the varieties of pear trees a pioneer brought on the Oregon Trail.

The grape table smelled heavenly. I would love to grow grapes but am lacking in sun.

A book I need to read.

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Sara K. said...

Looks so fantastic! An amazing display of fruity goodness. And, of course I have a fels naptha bar - really THE best thing for stain removal!