Sunday, October 17, 2010

Muddy Buddy

On to another athletic event that involves mud.

We got to Milo McIver State Park very early. It was still dark and very cold.

Waiting before the start of the race.

Because the teams were sharing a bike (they would trade off running and biking) they were encouraged to make their bike distinctive. Matt did so by attaching Ramen noodles to the bike rack.

In the misty morning Bill (the other half of team "Edge Your Bets") tries out the bike.

Kate and Bill, owners of Edge Performance Fitness.

Did I mention it was cold?

Matt and Bill make their way to the start line. There were ten waves. Matt and Bill were in wave three, Kate and her partner were in wave 10.

Matt is happy to be starting in an early wave so he doesn't have to stand like this for long.

Once they had started, this athletic supporter found a good spot at the finish line and sat down to read for awhile. She also wished she had worn the warm socks.

Soon enough, Bill and Matt came across the finish line.

There was mud. The mud came at the very end where everyone had to crawl through several troughs of mud. Did I mention it was cold? I shuddered every time I saw someone do that.

Matt and Bill pose at the end.

The washing station.

Post washing station. Still cold. Still muddy.

Kate and her partner (dressed as carrots) cross the finish line.

Sufficiently muddy.

Bill and Matt discover they have placed third in their age bracket!

There was mud everywhere.

While we were waiting around for the awards ceremony, the mini muddy run started. Kids went through a short obstacle course. They seemed to enjoy it, but I was still shuddering.

Bill and Matt with their medals.

Matt is happy.

This team was my favorite. They dressed as gnomes. Their team name was "Gnome Mercy" They placed fifth in their age bracket, even with those hats.

Go Gnomes!

Kate and her partner placed fifth in their age bracket. It was a very winning day.

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Sara K. said...

Looks like a fun, but weensy bit chilly, morning. I like the gnomes, too!!! Nothing like a little muddy fun!!!