Saturday, November 13, 2010

Auction! (the musical)

Not really. But it would be fun to have a musical themed auction.

I was recruited to make a cake for the beginning of the live auction. I created this checkerboard cake, which I think turned out rather well. It brought in $65.00.

4/5 teachers Jo & Julie make their best 80's musical promotional poster.

You can get the staff together for a picture, but it's hard to get us to stop talking.

Until we do.

One of the parents bought all the teachers three strands of beads each for Heads or Tails. It was great fun.

John and one of the parents face off.

John and Tara face off.

Each classroom made an auction project to be auctioned. Sometimes it helps to increase the price if the teacher herself stands up there and indicates which direction the price should go.
Overall, it was a comfortably elegant evening.

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Sara K. said...

Our auction is 80's themed this year and is coming in February. I think we are doing ceramic frames signed by all of the kids for our auction items. I will also auction off a movie outing with me. Last year that raised almost $200. Never experienced such things til I moved here!