Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter Party VII

Every time a Harry Potter movie is released, our friends Laurie and Burt host a Harry Potter Party. We go as a group to watch the movie, then return to their house for good food, kibbitzing about the movie, and the famous Harry Potter trivia game.

Memorable movie theater moment: we got in trouble for saving seats. Apparently you can only save seats for people who are in the building. Amazingly, many of our people were suddenly "in the building."

Also, the theater forgot to start the movie. After waiting an hour through a progression of nothing, a slide show with only five slides, the evil and hideous Regal "First Look" and previews we watched this screen for about five minutes before someone left the theater, alerted the proper authorities and the movie began.

Laurie made chocolate cauldrons and Marley and Willow made licorice broomsticks. There was also pumpkin curry soup as well as risotto and fish and chips. It was a delicious meal.
Matt headed up one of the trivia teams and I was on another. One team had to get by with neither Matt nor myself on it. Matt was delighted to beat the reigning trivia champions (Marley's team and Willow's team) which he wasn't expecting. As a member of Marley's team, I must point out that he only beat us by half a point, but I do concede victory.

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Sara K. said...

OH MY GOODNESS - how much fun!!! I want to come! Maybe next year I will do the same - well - next July when the new movie comes out. I love it!!! The broomsticks, the games, everything! So fun!!!