Saturday, January 29, 2011

We finally get a picture with cutouts.

Our tickets were timed and we had time to kill so we wandered about the Science Center. I was excited to discover bug cutouts (the people at Pike Schemes run across so many photo heads they have a tag for their blog). These were designed so you could see yourself as the bug, so were difficult to photograph, but we managed.

Matt was happy to get to hold a cockroach.

Which you can see in a close-up here.

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Sara K. said...

Ah yes - how we love head-in-a-hole pictures!!! Perhaps they are more popular on this coast...

The cockroaches remind me of living with April's Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Gregor Samsa, in college. He was quite the little bug - who only really scared me a couple of times. The many joys of rooming with a zoology major!