Monday, September 5, 2011

Seven down, four to go. Or: Roman Shades Finished!

They took a lot of hand stitching, and a lot of movie watching, but I have completed the Roman Shades!

A "before" photo.

A bad "after" photo of the shades in the raised position.

Completed shades!

I purchased the material for these shades in 2008. I started on this project by practicing for the front room by making shades for Matt's room. Those were completed in January of this year. I was then ready to begin these shades.
My friend Heidi had extra backing generously donated it to me for this project. That not only helped, it saved me about $35.00. A big thanks to her.

It feels good to have these shades done. Next project? Purchasing curtains for the French Doors in this room and sewing a border onto them using the leftover material from these shades.

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Sara K. said...

They look great! Well done!