Saturday, September 10, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011

It's time for that obstacle course bit of muddy fun known as the Warrior Dash.

Here, Matt readies himself for the race.

A look at bag check.

Some pre-race granola. The promotional people asked what the energy was going to be used for. Matt said, "Rocking" and they wrote it on his bag before handing it over.

Matt at the starting lineup.
Some starting lineup photos.

This year, I saw remarkably fewer Celtic/Scottish/Viking/caveman style costumes. Here we see men in pink fuzzy bathrobes.

I do appreciate the massive lot of port-o-potties at this event.

This woman was the "Mistress of Mud."

What does it take to make a great fire jumping photo? A lot of practice.

This year's result:

Sliding down the mud slide. At this point, I accidentally turned off the camera (I was using Matt's camera) and so missed the final slide down the mud hill. I can, however tell you that a person near Matt threw up as he was sliding down the mud pit. The announcer gleefully announced this.

Ribbons at the ready in mud land.

A muddy Matt. With injury!

Emerging from the mud area.

Drinking a bit of water to wash down that mud.
My favorite mud picture.

Path to the "showers" which again this year was a pond.

Also new this year (I think) was a place to donate your muddy sneakers. There was a man with a megaphone saying the following in a monotonous tone: "Please remember to tie your sneakers together before placing them in the pile. Please take as many as you want, but less than an entire box of sunflower seeds. Thank you for your donation. Please remember to tie your sneakers together..."

You can read more about the organization here.

Post shower/pond.

Still a bit muddy.

Our walk through the parking lot. Driving in and out what much improved this year. There was very little idling in the car, which I appreciated.

Undressing at the car. Matt remembered clothing to change into this year.

We could see one of the obstacles from where we were parked.


Sara K. said...

Awesome! I love the muddy pictures. The fire jumping one is CLASSIC!!! You rock!!! Botrh photographer and jumper, that is!

Debrarian said...

Fabulous. I heard about this from Celeste, who also Dashed. I had somehow not heard of it before this year. I think I want to be a spectator next year.