Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Chair New Look

Thanks to a gift card from Linda and birthday money from my Mother and Aunts, I was able to change the look of the living room.

Before: I have grown disenchanted with the Chaise Lounge over the past year or so. It's not very comfortable and I've never been a fan of the white, it being hard to keep clean. Plus, it angles out in such an odd way.

Also, not one visitor has ever lounged on it. They all sit upright, awkwardly. I think lounging is an advanced visitor action that no one has yet acheived.

The other problem is that I have no place to stack my books. I've been making do with a guitar case and a stool.

It's crowded and hard to clean.

I bought an Ikea Poang chair and footstool, with a brown cushion. It's comfortable and cozy and the cats are fans, as you can tell by Sentinel's presence.

To me, it seems there is more space now.

The pink chair was (Great) Uncle Tom's chair. It's been present in all of my houses since I moved into the studio. One of the springs has sprung, so it's not the most comfortable chair. Plus, it doesn't match the decor. However, Antares has appropriated it as a massive scratching pad. I do my best to discourage it, but I'm scared to get anything else, in case he just transfers the scratching to the new piece. I have (far off) plans to make a cat perch to put there, then I will find a new chair.

This table was a Goodwill find. I really like the lines of it and it's old enough to not be constructed of particle board. Cleaning it, I could tell that it lived in a smoker's house, but it's all better now, and happy to hold my books.

I'm very happy with the new look and the birthday presents that made it possible. Next up? Finishing the living room curtains.

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Sara K. said...

It looks so much more open. I like how modern and sleek the chair looks. It fits very nicely in the room. Wonder what a recover and a ix on the old chair would cost. It has a fun shape. Arch like the rope covered scratching post Shawn got him. Wonder if you could hang that near the area and entice Antares. Arch loves the back of the new sectional, it is wide enough to lay on! :)