Monday, October 31, 2011


I wish I could say I carved this jack-o-lantern, but instead, it was carved by an artist down the street.

This was my work. He's a worried jack-o-lantern. The economy and all. It's rough, being a squashed-based entity in these times.

Matt went the Batman route. On the back it says, "I am the 1%. Tax me."

I had full sized candy bars to give out, but had no takers until 8:30 when one family stopped by. Three kids. They were cute. We're not in the best Trick or Treat area.


Sara K. said...

3 is an upgrade from our home. Full -size candy bars to boot! I like the punkins! We didn't carve this year, just did a festive display...

I missed the roasted seeds becasue of that!

Sara K. said...

because...I really can spell it!