Saturday, October 8, 2011

PAE's Richard III

We've been to several Portland Actor's Ensemble productions because they are good and also free. This year, they have added a fall show to their usual two summer productions. Because it is autumn and Portland and cold and rainy, we got to see this production indoors, at Concordia University. PAE productions are usually at public parks.

Upon entering the building (which felt odd as it is something we never do at PAE productions) we were greeted by the oldest member of PAE, Boxy. Boxy (seen on the right here) collects the donations that keeps the productions running. Recently, Online Boxy, a newer cast member, has joined Boxy in collecting donations.

We were warned. And it was quite long.
So long, in fact, that Matt floated the idea of leaving at intermission and coming back another night to see the rest. I veoted that as I knew we would never get around to coming back and would have for years Richard III only half checked off. And then I would have to read the darn play again at some future date.

This was a very spare production (as most PAE productions are) which gave us ample opportunity to focus on the words and the acting. As usual the cast was outstanding. Richard, played by Nathan Duncan, was a very beguiling psychopath. Just a few weeks prior, we learned in Northwest Classical Theatre's production of Good Will that Richard III is widely considered to be quite evil, but also quite sexy.

Matt Smith, playing George, Duke of Clarence was quite moving as he discovered that his brother had hired thugs to kill him off while he waited in the Tower. Linda Goertz, as Margaret of Anjou, was riveting as she cursed her many enemies. There were several actors in the production I recognized from other PAE productions and the ensemble jelled quite well. We attended on the second night of the production and actors were still stepping on each other's lines a bit, but not so much it detracted from the overall expereince.

After I vetoed us leaving at intermisison, Matt went to find snacks. While there, he entered his information to win a t-shirt. After the show concluded and we were leaving, I heard a gentleman asking the people in front of us, "Are you Matt Johnston?" "Are you Matt Johnston?" It turned out Matt had won a PAE T-shirt!

This was, he was assured, a special t-shirt because it had a misprint. The t-shirt advertised the Tempest as a 2010 production when in fact we saw the Tempest this year.
It pays to stay to the end.

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Sara K. said...

Yay! You stayed! Yay! A new shirt! Yay! Another great night of theater! Yay! I'm 15 comments in and Shawny is on his way to pick me up! What a productive way to spend my time. Have a great weekend!!!