Friday, October 28, 2011

Potato Harvest

What do 142 pounds of potatoes look like? I can show you, as my potato harvest from the Acreage has been sitting neatly bagged on my bedroom floor for several weeks now. "The Acreage" is what I've been calling the very large parking strip down the street. Chris and Erin, the homeowners, agreed to let me plant potatoes there. In the spring, I and the short-lived gardening partner planted eight pounds of seed potatoes. It was a good payoff.

Aside from this haul, Stephanie and I also harvested 60 pounds from her side yard making my total yield just over 200 pounds.
I offered Chris and Erin half of the crop, but they demurred and took two pounds of each kind. So I've got a lot of potatoes to feed me this winter. This is a very happy thing.


Sara K. said...

Wow! So awesome. Way to go, Little Red Hen!!! How are you keeping them from getting eyes and going bad? I can't always keep my 5 lbs of potatoes safe from that.

Patricia said...

They are stored out in the shed giving them cooler, but not too cold temperatures. I'm eating the "not long keepers" first and saving the long keepers. They will get sprout-y but I just pull off the sprouts and proceed as usual.