Monday, October 17, 2011


When we moved into the house, there was the perfect space in the laundry area for the stand alone freezer. Later, Chris and I built the shelves in the front room, and when the cat came along the lower space was good for the cat boxes. Until it wasn't. The clumping litter is dusty and the dust was getting all over the baker's rack filled with cooking tools as well as the table. Not to mention that Sentinel inevitably decides he has important cat box business when anyone visits. Still, where to put the cat boxes if not there? There seemed to be no other space.

Until, that is, one morning a few days ago when in that time between awake and asleep I thought to myself, "If I move the freezer out to the front room, that will make room for the cat boxes."

And lo, it did. The set up is not perfect as I don't like the file cabinet flanking one side of the table with the freezer flanking the other, but I like it much better than having cat litter dust all over everything.

I also lost some good side storage space next to the freezer. The ladder and one of the clothes drying racks, as well as the empty fruit delivery boxes, used to be stored in the space between the freezer and the wall. I found room for the ladder and the drying rack in the closet. They aren't as handy there, because we have to move things to access them, but we don't use them much anyway. I'm still not sure where to put the fruit delivery boxes. I use them for protection between the litter boxes and the floor, so I like to have them on hand.

Overall, though it's not a perfect situation, it's a great improvement.


Sara K. said...

Nice. Arch uses the guest 1/2 bath downstairs (and in our old place, too). Not ideal, but it was in our room for a long time. Then when we had guests he had to be locked in our room or we had to leave the door ajar. We prefer to have our door open and let our cat roam. Not that we want our guests to have to deal w/ cat box. But how often do people use that bathroom? Not ideal, but better.

Sara K. said...

BTW: Since I last checked in today I have:
-saved 45% on coupons/in-store loyalty sales at Safeway (my 57% off last night was even more wow)
-gone to Mass
-saved 45% on coupons/dollar doubler coupons/in-store loyalty sales at Harris Teeter (I saved $50+ in coupons ALONE and $25 in in-store savings)
-made lunch
-eaten lunch
-put away all of the groceries and stockpiled the ones that I am donating to charity for Thanksgiving meals
-cooked chicken and added it to my crock pot bean chili soup
-made mini-egg cup fritattas for Shawn's breakfasts (in muffin tins)
-cut up veg and packaged it for lunches this week
-took out the recycling
-took out the garbage
-swept the leaves off the front patio
-talked to my sister
-and finished your commenting
NICE, huh?!? I love productive days like this.