Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spartan Race

Get ready for a lot of pictures because it is Spartan Race Day!

Here's what I didn't like about the Spartan Race:  the massive amounts of money they wrung out of people.  There was:  the (rather spendy) entrance fee, the $10.00 parking fee, the $15.00 spectator fee (meaning if you weren't running the race, you had to pay to get in) the $5.00 bag check fee (meaning if you didn't have a friend hold your stuff, it would cost you money to have them hold it.  Free bag check is a race thing.  I can't believe they broke the code.  Also, there was a prohibition on bringing in water or other food and beverages, a prohibition I ignored.

That said, Matt LOVED this race.  So I will stop my grumping, and tell you all about it.

On the way in.  The race was in Washougal and five of us carpooled together.
Getting in.
Here's where Matt paid $15.00 so I could be his athletic supporter.
Taking in the sights.
Matt's (and crew) start time was 11:00 so we had time to see many people who were already muddy.
Matt, Burt and Greg check out the obstacles.

Race people pose for pictures.
A happy finisher.
There was a big military recruiting presence.
Excited about the start.
Matt checks out the rope climb.
We take a gander at the rock wall.

Matt's ready to go!
Very ready!
Setting up the pose.
The team:  Burt, Greg, Matt and Jean.
Off to the race.
There was a wedding before their heat started.
Marriage ceremony is complete and they are off!
Here's where Laurie and I stood for an hour.  We thought this was near the end of the course, but another spectator let us know that this was only halfway through. 
People had one chance to do the obstacle (in this case, climbing the rope) and if they didn't, they walked to the side and did 30 burpees.  Laurie and I saw a lot of bad burpees.
Rope climbers.
Aside from being slick and muddy, the rope also was split at the top. I watched a lot of people almost make it to the top and then be defeated by the loop.
An example of why less clothing is better for this activity.
Jean's attempt at the rope.  She's the third rope from the right.
Jean about halfway up.
Jean coming back down.
Matt and Greg take their turn.
Matt ringing the bell at the top.
Greg ringing the bell at the top.
Jean heading toward the spear throw.
Matt's excited to be racing.
Matt misses the spear throw, and happily does 30 burpees.
Burt headed toward the rock wall.
After the rock wall, Laurie and I wandered over to the next viewpoint and had another hour wait.  This was also a good vantage point for the spear throw, which was behind us.
The spear throw was a bit difficult.
We could also see this rope climb as well as the hop from stump to stump obstacle.
And we could see the rock wall.
At this point I was quite jealous of these two girls perch on a rock.  Our $15.00 spectator fee did not include anything to sit on.  We aren't the Spartans, we're the athletic supporters.  We want bleachers!
We watched a lot of people climb over this rope wall.
A nice photo of two obstacles and another heat leaving.
This woman was smart and grabbed the straw at the bottom of the rope wall and used it to get a better grip on the rope.  Good technique.
Jean and Greg waiting for their team.
Matt climbing.
And over.
And down.
Jean and Greg climbing up.
And over.
Matt did the obstacle twice.
"This is no joke." Greg said.  They all posed for a picture.
Up and over the last wall.
Matt on the stumps.
"That wasn't an activity for short people." Greg commented later. Here he is doing his burpees.
Finished!  Matt waves while drinking his coconut water.
Congratulations all around.
Burt is muddy.
Burt, Jean and Greg revive.
Finisher photo.
Burt. Mud man.
Jean hoped her dress would rip during the race, but it didn't so she ripped it at the end.
Finisher photo.
Mud pictures.
Off to the showers.
Edge gets dirty.
Shoe donation pile.  Honestly, I have no idea who really wants these muddy shoes.
Post shower.
Missed the ear.
Burt shows off his medal.

After, we all piled back in the car and drove back to Portland and had a celebratory meal at Pause.

For a visual of the start, here's a video.


Sara K. said...

Wow! That is a CRAZY race!!! WEll done Matt and Team!

Matt said...

Thanks, Sara!!!
Charging for spectators and bag check is *ridiculous* and unheard of. At the same time, the Spartan Race's on-site pro photographers took some astounding pictures and gave those away for free. Compare that to the Warrior Dash which had only one good photo of me and then wanted to charge me a lot of money for that photo.