Saturday, June 23, 2012

A walk in Ladd's Addition

We ate our traditional Burgerville meal before seeing our favorite Shakespeare company's latest production. It was still too early for the show, so we took a walk in Ladd's Addition.

Here is a rose garden.  Ladd's Addition is not set up on a grid, but instead has a diagonal street pattern.  There are multiple rose gardens in the neighborhood.
The diagonal pattern can be confusing.  My student teaching assignment was at a school in the neighborhood and I used to get turned around when we took the students for walks.  I generally have a good sense of direction, but apparently only for grid-type neighborhoods.  Of course, when SE Harrison St. crosses with SE Harrison St, it's no wonder I get lost.
Some of the homes are rather grand.
And some are whimsical.
Back in the industrial area/neighborhood that NWCTC calls home, I snapped a picture of this urban garden.
They were also growing up, too.

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