Saturday, September 8, 2012

Live Wire!

We had another good Live Wire! experience.

You can't tell from this picture, but that blurry image is Mike Birbiglia! Yes!  That funny guy who says things like this. He was sitting two rows in front of us, waiting for his interview.
Before we saw Mr. Birbiglia, we watched Helio Sequence play a fantastic song.  Due to the low light, I couldn't capture the best part, which was watching the drummer who had such a look of pure joy on his face and his whole body moved in this incredibly hypnotic way.  He was the best part of the Muppets, come to life.  I greatly enjoyed Helio Sequence.
Courtney Hameister's interview with Mike Birbiglia.  One part I'm pretty sure didn't make it on air:  Courtney asked a question and Mike Birbiglia said, "I'm sorry, I'm having trouble remembering what you asked because there is a woman in the front row knitting.  Is that part of the show?"

Amid cheers, Ms. Hameister remarked, "Yes, every guest here gets a free merkin to take home and she's working on yours."

Birbiglia responded with a happy, "Oh really?"


"Oh.  But I also don't know what that is."

We all laughed.  Later, I asked Matt what it was and he told me.
Chelsea Cain read an essay about writing about a ruthless female serial killer and being a mom.
There were sound effects.  One involved stabbing this watermelon.  Tricia Ferguson plunged the knife in and looked up, paused slightly took a deep breath and stabbed the watermelon several more times.

Should you want to hear what we heard, you can listen  here to the Mike Birbiglia one.
you can listen here to the Chelsea Cain one.

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Sara K. said...

Looks and sounds like it was a hilarious evening. I was not in the know about merkins, so I earned something from this post, as well!

Sorry there was no call. The weekend at home was harder and more exhausting than I expected. It took the whole week to recover. We need to talk, though. :)