Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ariel's birthday cake.

When eating the Pink Cake at the Good Wishes to Kristen party Ariel remarked that she wanted me to be her birthday fairy and make me that cake.  Instead, I lent her the Vintage Cakes book and told her to pick any cake.  The Pink Cake came in second to the Italian Wedding Cake.

Studded with pecans, coconut, whipped cream and chocolate ganache--with more pecans--this cake tasted much better than it looked.  Next time I will frost the sides.

Yay Vintage Cakes!


Sara K. said...

So yummy looking. I'm licking my computer screen!

balyien said...

I remember when you made me a lemon cake for my graduation and I was almost too sick to enjoy it, haha.

Patricia said...

I think of that cake every time I make a cake because it turned out weird (though good, just the texture was off) and I always wonder if the current cake will take after that one. So far your lemon cake is the only one that has been that unique.