Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More squirrel action

I put two more sunflower heads out for the squirrels.  It took them more than a week to discover them.  Which made the incredibly lazy naturalist in me to wonder if they have trouble finding food that is out of season, because they found the freshly harvested sunflower heads in about an hour.  But three weeks later, maybe their little squirrel noses are sniffing for something else?

At any rate, this fellow was happy to eat everything up.  And Antares did his best to melt that glass so he could eat the squirrel.  But he failed.


Sara K. said...

Interesting that it took them so long. Good thing it didn't go to waste after all. Extra cat entertainment doesn't hurt either.

balyien said...

Melt the glass, lol. I'm amused by the desperate looks/noises Miri makes when she sees a bird or woodland creature she wants to eat, but it's kind of sad too. Maybe that's why she destroys Kleenex. Her killer instinct cannot be suppressed!