Sunday, October 27, 2013

New for the cats

These cardboard things cost $10.00 a piece.  I found that to be a reasonable price.
They come with everything needed for assembly, namely binder clips.
Here they are, assembled.
Closeup of the binder clips.
Collage of the cat investigations (fueled by treats)


balyien said...

I'm pretty sure my cat would have that destroyed in about .02 seconds. She loves shredding cardboard (and toilet paper and napkins and paper towels, etc.).

Sara K. said...

Arch likes to chew cardboard. I think he'd love that. Have the cats started to enjoy it sans treats?

Patricia said...

They will sit on top--I added a couple of chair pads from Ikea--but they won't go inside without a treat. I may mosey this along to someone else. It takes up too much space for them not to go inside.