Friday, November 8, 2013

A visit to the Academy Theater

For our date tonight we decided to see the World's End at the Academy Theater.  It was our first visit, as this theater is not in our normal trajectory of daily life.

A nicely refurbished exterior.
And a nicely refurbished interior.  Aside from beer and wine, you can also get kombucha on tap.
Here is the original drinking fountain.  Apparently people didn't mind doubling over to drink, back in the day, as I think my legs were taller than the drinking fountain.
Our theater.  The Academy Theater is making the conversion to digital and many of the slides before the movie listed people who donated for a new projector.

Overall, this was a great little theater.


balyien said...

What part of town is this located in? It looks beautiful, both inside and out. Kombucha on tap is SO Portland. I don't think anyone I know here even knows what kombucha is, haha.

Patricia said...

It's on the other side of Mt. Tabor, off 82nd street. I wouldn't mind it being my neighborhood movie theater because aside from the Kombucha on tap, it has double feature Mondays! But alas, I live in a different quadrant.

Sara K. said...

Buch on draft? I am sold!!! And the theater is adorable!!!