Friday, November 8, 2013

Smallworld Underground.

Our quest to play all of our board games in reverse alphabetical order continues:

Before and after our visit to the Academy Theater, we played a game of Smallworld Underground, which is like Smallworld, but adds even more rules.

I lost.

I like Smallworld, I think it's a smart game.  But it's already pretty complex. The Smallworld Underground I feel is too complex.  Plus, I lost.


balyien said...

Ah, finally you play one I've heard of: Smallworld. Although I haven't heard of the Underworld expansion, and I don't think I've played it. I'm sorry you lost! You need to play Scrabble or something. I'm sure you're top-notch at that. :)

Patricia said...

I am the WORST scrabble player ever. I can't spell and my brain, when confronted with a jumble of letters, can only find two or three letter combinations.

I was going to say that Matt will get his when we play Trivial Pursuit, but then I remembered we have already played that and he won.

Sara K. said...

Keep up the vigilance sister! Your games are coming!!!