Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cleaning creations.

Lured by the promise of clean floors and steam, I purchased a swiffer/steamer. However, I hate the smell of the swiffer pads that are supposed to be used with the steamer, so I made my own.  The white one was the prototype, made from one of Matt's old towels.  That turned out to be too thick, so I fashioned two more out of an old shirt.

The towel became dust clothes.  In the middle, bottom row, you can see how I've dusted with one.

My materials:

This project was also a good way to use up all the "bits" of spools of thread and bobbins.


balyien said...

That's a good idea! Did the shirts work well? We have real wood floors in this apartment. I had a Swiffer when we moved here & found that it simply didn't work (also, the Swiffer pads are very expensive here). I went out and bought a sponge mop & Murphy's Oil. It works better than the Swiffer did.

Patricia said...

The shirts work well. I'm having trouble finding something that doesn't streak, though. Right now I use a water/vinegar (4/1 ratio) with a tiny drop of soap. It streaks. We don't have real wood floors, so I'm hesitant to use Murphy's.

Sara K. said...

Nicely done! I like that it is a reuse and a smart move, too! Talk about a money saver!!!