Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hail! Asparagus! Hail!

The asparagus crowns have arrived and need to be planted. Too bad it is freezing outside. Should I have to wear a scarf in April to work in the garden? No. That is why I moved away from Massachusetts.
Leo's patch (my next door neighbor has let me plant in his back yard) is ready for the asparagus.
I dug a trench. Then it hailed. You can see the hail in the trench. Blasted colder than usual spring!
The asparagus crown looks like something a villain in a Disney film would have for hair.
I spaced out the crowns in the trench and then lightly cover them with soil.
In 2010, I will be ready for my first asparagus harvest!

1 comment:

Sara K. said...

Mmmm I love asparagus! I had no idea it would take that long to grow. Talk about delayed gratification! -S

You look really darling in the scarf picture!