Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garden Update--a cold May

It has been a very cold spring. Things are taking forever to grow which frustrates me. Even factoring in how slowly things are growing, it turns out that I started my tomatoes and peppers about 4-6 weeks too late. They are very, very small. So today I rode my bike to my local nursery--the one that isn't a big box home improvement store--and purchased five tomato plants two peppers, and six basil plants. They fit nicely in the basket on my bike and I rode them home, feeling very Portland.

Spinach. This is supposed to be a plant that likes cold weather, but it isn't growing at all.
One of my columnar apple trees.
My peas! And the trellis I built for them.
Pepper plants.
Three tomatoes. I put two in Leo's plot. I also ran out of cages, so that one in the front will have to fend for itself now.
Over in Leo's plot: tomatoes and the basil.
The potatoes are starting to emerge.
Asparagus! Getting taller.

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Sara K. said...

Nice! Can't wait to see how those come along. Too bad the originals didn't work. It is interesting to see how things grow so differently in our different regions! -S