Monday, May 5, 2008

Ghost images on Boyd's camera

Imagine if you will, Internship, a crushing experience, mentally and emotionally, one which has taught me I'm not as strong as I thought I was. One of the many things that has helped me through it is the internship class.
I hear bad things about the other internship sections, but ours is all right. Boyd, our internship professor, is an ornery guy, but even that has grown on me. And as much as I hate to admit it, his advice on clients is often, maybe always, right.
So, when he left the room so we could do evaluations of the class, we stole his camera and took pictures of ourselves.
Observe:This is Andrea picking her nose, Brandon eating, and Ceej envying Andrea.
Delishia (right) is pretending to be Dr. Boyd, and the irony is that she'll be a Dr. herself in a couple of years.
Jocelyn and Andrea.
Me with Ceej. I'm doing my Stephen Colbert pose.
Jocelyn, Andrea, Brandon (holder of the world record for longest arcade video game played on one quarter; look it up), and Ceej.

This is Denise, Sarah, and Laura. They make up the mature side of the class. Notice no fingers up anyone's noses. This is Ceej, me, and Delishia. I can't stand posing for photos, so I just put on the cheesiest smile possible. The food in front is for our last-class-potluck. I brought chicken and jo-jos and chips with seaweed.

Hey, let's get all of Boyd's advisees together. Let's do something crazy for this shot. I suggest putting a leg up, like we were showgirls. It'd be funny. I put my leg up, Andrea grabs my leg and all three of them hoist me up. I reflexively did my SC pose, but this one reminds me of Borat being held up by his son.

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Sara K. said...

Matt- Your fans venerate your greatness!!! Thanks for a new post!! I knew you had it in you! And let me do pretty much THE best cheesiest grin I have ever seen. Something to be admired by other cheesy grinners in the world!

PCC-Keep it up with the math class. Hope the thrid term quiz went well. Gathering my wits rto write you soon! -S