Friday, June 24, 2011

And we're off again!

After our delicious panini's from LoveCup (just in case you needed one more glance) we set off toward Champoeg.

In Oregon City we climbed a very large hill. Early on I was distracted because the cross streets seemed to be following the list of the US Presidents in order, but the road turned after Jackson and the presidents went away and then there was nothing left to do but keep climbing. We stopped at the top for this portrait. I should take a moment to say that Matt is actually ill at the time of this photo. He came down with a bug on Wednesday and was being a trouper, biking to Champoeg while still sick.

I should also tell you that we got to go down the other side of that large hill, which was quite fun. Then the road flattened out and we saw various farming operations.

Once we reached Butteville, we rode the bike path to Champoeg.

We checked into our Yurt, took a picture showing we did 37 miles and rode off of two maps today. Matt then collapsed into slumber on the couch for two hours.

While he did that, I ate dinner of big salad with hard boiled eggs while I caught up on the newspaper. Big Salad is my new favorite "camping" meal. I buy a package of salad mix for each person, boil up enough hard boiled eggs (three for me, one for Matt) et voila! Dinner with no dishes excepting the fork.

Being that it was so close to the solstice, it was still incredibly light at 9:00 pm.
To see the photographic record of our trip Matt posted on Facebook go here:
Don't worry, it's public, you don't have to be a member of Facebook to see it.


Sara K. said...

Salad in a bag for dinner, brilliant! Light at 9pm, love it! Quiet time to catch up on the newspaper, fantastic! More seeing the word yurt in print, delightful! Being in the same time zone while posting these comments and not getting to see you, a huge bummer!

Debrarian said...

I was wondering when I would hear about your trip! Having forgotten you also have this blog. So now I can catch up on many other adventures. I love the watch/light photo. And I am also impressed at the ease of big-salad-on-the-go.