Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leaving Salem

Before we left Salem we stopped at a Safeway for some snacks, having depleted them yesterday on our "no other food" day. Then we stopped by the capitol for some commemorative pictures.

It rapidly became apparent that I should have purchased one of those flexible camera tripods for this trip. We had an elaborate Macgyver setup involving a bike bucket, a U-lock, and two paperback books. This was our first attempt:

We rejected that photo as too far away and moved the whole operation closer for this:

Matt requested this pose:

He then spotted this statuary and immediately had me stand in front of the back half of the word "frontier."

And I had him do the same.
To see the photographic record of our trip Matt posted on Facebook go here:
Don't worry, it's public, you don't have to be a member of Facebook to see it.

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Sara K. said...

I love the timer self-portraits! The second one is excellent! Can't wait for more installments!