Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beat Burt!

Our friend Burt turned 50 and decided to have a party in his honor, as well he should. At the party, there were a variety of ways to beat Burt, as these very nice posters explain.
(You can click on the photo to see the posters in a bigger size.)

Here, a variety of people attempt to Beat Burt running around the block. Only about four people managed to do this.

One of the best parts of Beat Burt was that if you brought a musical instrument and played a song with Burt, you got a point. Both Matt and I did this, with Matt performing "Hey Ya" to great applause. Burt and I played "Better Be Home Soon" by Crowded House.

Aside from posters explaining the various ways to Beat Burt, there were also magnets of Burt in various guises. We got to take home Burt magnets as party favors.

The magnets changed position a lot during the party. Sometimes someone would organize them by category, and then someone would change the order.

There's the man himself, attempting to beat us at Formula De.

This game was one where I actually Beat Burt, which as the party progressed we realized was rather a difficult task. (I also won the game, for those who are counting. Although I had a whole table of advisers to assist me.)

Checking the standings.

Beat Burt cupcakes made by Darla.

There were pictures throughout the house of Burt at various ages. Here, an earlier version of Burt with hair.

Beating Burt at Guitar Hero turned out to be impossible. The closest anyone could come to beating his score was to meet him halfway. At one point, Burt replayed one of the songs to see if his scores were a fluke and he beat himself, but no one else even came close.

A self portrait in front of "Burt-y Holly"

Checking out our scores. Notice that Matt beat me.

Laurie updates the scores.

Both Burt and Laurie did a lot of work for a wonderful party.

Burt with Burt-y Holly

When we had all finished our attempts at beating Burt, each of our points was converted into a ticket and then the tickets were put into a bowl and the winners were drawn from that bowl. ("Just like the Hunger Games"exclaimed Burt.)

Indeed, one person won a prize with only one point, just like Prim. Although that person got Moonstruck Chocolates, not a one-way ticket to a deadly reality show.

Beat Burt was an incredibly fun party, matching our trip to Italy for Laurie's birthday last fall. Well done!

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Sara K. said...

Wowzers! These two are amazing party planners. Looks like SO much fun! I especially love the Burt head magnets. SO fun!!!